Truffle hunting 5

Truffle hunt

- All year long -

Black truffle or White truffle hunt

Truffle hunting 3

Truffle hunt in the woods

Truffle hunting is fun, relaxing and exciting! We will walk with the Trifalau, Truffle hunter in Italian, and his trained dog through the woods of the Monferrato hills. It’s really exciting as the dog starts to dig the ground… That could be a hidden truffle! You can smell it directly. the smell is really penetrating.

After the truffle hunt you can optionally have a glass of wine and some real Piemontese appetizers. (paid option)

The experience can, with good weather conditions, be made all year long! During summer we will hunt for the black summer truffle and from october we will hunt for the even more delicious white truffle.


from 40 euro per person (upto 4)

Bigger groups ask the price


2 hours of truffle hunting

English guide


Aperitivo (optional)